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Music for the Soul

Meeting Andy Grammer

Music has always been an important part of my life. Falling in love. Graduating from school. Every single road trip and major milestone had its own soundtrack.  


On the flip side, dealing with rejection, loss, and depression was easier when I heard someone singing about exactly what I was feeling. It made me feel less alone. Listening to nothing but Dashboard Confessional’s second album (you know, the one with Screaming Infidelities) for four months straight after a particularly rough breakup may have been overkill, but hey, it got me through it. :-)


As I got older however, I realized that I had to be more careful about the type of music I took in on a regular basis. During low points, sure it was cathartic to let the sadness out in a duet with my favorite artist who was feeling the same pain, but when the lyrics made me question my worthiness and ability to love and be loved, it left me feeling worse.


Words are powerful. When we speak (or sing) them, we can start to believe them.


Andy Grammer’s music has been a god-send to me. It oozes with positivity and encouragement. Starting up my own business in an industry I know nothing about has come with a whole lot of self-doubt. Not a day passes by that I do not question my abilities and next steps and ask myself, how is this ever going to work?


So, when I feel overwhelmed, I’ll throw on his music and dance it out, belting out the lyrics right along with him. It puts me in a place of gratitude for being exactly where I am. It encourages me to keep going, knowing that this is all just a part of the journey. I feel uplifted and powerful, ready to take on the next challenge that is ahead of me.


Andy Grammer is my BackGetter. Music is my BackGetter. I never have to feel alone when I have access to a pep talk right at my fingertips, whenever I need it.


What about you? Who is your musical BackGetter?

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