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Our Story Test

In 2016, BackGetters’ founder Christina Williams quit her unfulfilling IT career to travel around the world. She believed that the beautiful scenery would provide the inspiration needed to figure out her next steps. But more inspiring than the views-and the views were quite amazing-were the people she met (a few who are featured in the pictures on this page).

Everywhere, people were willing to lend a helping hand-food, directions, a place to stay-anything she needed was offered. She was blown away by the kindness of strangers.

When she arrived back home, Christina realized that this was the inspiration she needed. The kindness she received throughout her journey came from every day people, despite language barriers and cultural differences.

Each person had a tremendous impact on Christina. Not only did she want everyone to be able to experience this same level of support, no matter where they were, she also wanted to empower people to be the one providing the support.